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Office Waste:
waste collection & recycling

SDD supply bins to take the hassle out of office waste removal. With our service, your bins can be used to discard the usual hard waste products, such as paper, packaging, bottles and tins, etc, and including such things as end-of-line or faulty products, marketing material, obsolete equipment and kitchen appliances, excluding food scraps. We supply office waste bins and bins specifically for recyling only.

240lt Office Waste Bin 240lt Office Recycling Bin 11000lt Office Recycling Bin 120lt Office Co-Mingle Bin 1100lt Co-Mingle Bin
  • 240 litre office waste bin - plastic paper trays, pens & pen holders, staplers, tape dispensers, card holders, picture frames, plates, cutlery etc
  • 240 litre or huge 1100 litre recycling bin - end-of-line products, uniforms & clothing, non-confidential paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, phone books, folders, books
  • 240 litre or huge 1100 litre co-mingle bin - cartons, bottles, cans, tins, paper coffee cups, glass

End-of-Line Product

Uniforms & Clothing

Service Description

SDD's office waste collection and destruction services are available as a once-off, occassional or frequent use service.

  • no setup fees
  • no contract or contract at special rates
  • service usually within 24 hours
  • competitive rates
  • complete office clean-outs

Call 1300 885 934 or email us if you have any questions.

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